Monday, October 26, 2009

What do dreams say about a person?

I don't really think every dream is a window into a person's inner workings but I do often wonder if my dreams have any meaning. This was a relatively short one; or maybe I only remembered the end. Usually I remember most if not all of my dreams, with lots of detail. I enjoy reading them later and sharing them with friends so I usually try to write them down or type them as soon as I awaken.

This is a dream I had a few days ago that I'd like to share.

The KSO were rehearsing for a concert at an aquarium (but not the TN Aquarium). The hall featured a round, glass window in the low, arched ceiling. During a lull in rehearsal a bunch of dolphins showed up (interesting since they would need open air as well as water; perhaps the hall was underground??). First they paused to see what the funny humans were doing. They dipped their noses toward the glass and we in the orchestra made googly-eyed faces and silly noises, as if we were talking to babies. Did I mention that musicians are often easily amused? Suddenly, a LARGE group of dolphins swam past (over) very quickly. It was a steady blur of dolphins for a good few seconds. A couple of us violists broke out into an a cappella version of "So Long and Thanks for All the Fish." It was totally spontaneous and hilariously awesome.

Next I remember Maestro Richman rehearsing the end of a work and fixing a percussion part. I guess I should say the percussion part because it looked like Clark (our co-principal percussionist) was all by himself! Anyway, it turned out that Clark had a different part than what was in the conductor's score--he referred to it as the "Scott Eddlemon edition" (didn't know Scott was an editor, haha!) and apparently it had an alternate ending and changed keys. I took my part back there and showed it to Clark (as if that would help?!). He gave me this look and shooed me away, saying "You have fun with your alto clef..."

So what do you think--any deeper meanings? Hidden messages? :-D

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