Sunday, July 14, 2019

Fanboy Expo 2019 - Saturday Recap

Ok. My plan was to get a selfie with Walter Koenig (Chekov from Star Trek), an autograph from (and maybe selfie with) John de Lancie (Q from Star Trek) and Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver, Stargate SG1), and an autograph and selfie with Cary Elwes. Here's what I was getting signed: A hardback copy of Elwes' book about the filming of the Princess Bride and a DVD set of "Legend," a short-lived TV show from the mid-90s starring Anderson and de Lancie. 

I got to Fanboy Expo around 1:45 p.m. First I got in line to meet John de Lancie, as the line was pretty short. Richard Dean Anderson's booth was right next to de Lancie's but he wasn't there. I figured I'd swing back by after meeting up with my friends Mary Beth and her mom Beth (here on out I will refer to them as "the Bowmans" 🙃), as I knew they were in line for Cary Elwes. I got an autograph and selfie with John and was smiling so huge that my cheeks were hurting afterward. I am such a fangirl and I own it proudly. After our photo (which wasn't actually a selfie--one of the volunteers took the photo with my camera) John glanced to his left and asked "Is Richard over there?" as he knew I'd want his autograph next on the DVD. He was most likely on break. I thanked John for coming to Knoxville, completely forgetting to say how much I loved his portrayal of Q, and went in search of the Bowmans.

John de Lancie 

They said the line was long but I had no idea HOW long until I found them. There were SO. MANY. PEOPLE. ahead of them. We exchanged hugs, and they invited me to be in their group picture with Cary. I said of course! So we stood and stood... and stood and stood... and stood some more. The line was moving pretty slowly. As time moved on they started panicking because they had to be at church (Mary Beth is the music leader). They had to leave no later than 5:00. We were SO close but still not close enough for them to be able to take advantage of the the packages that they had bought. So they gave me their fan package tickets, which included 2 autographs and 2 selfies with Cary. They told me which pictures they wanted autographed (and I totally forgot when I got up there and didn't trust my instinct and chose the wrong ones but hopefully they'll still like them 😭) and sweetly said their friend Noel and I could use their selfie tickets. Shortly before they left they came up with the idea to take selfies and then ask Cary to hold those up while I took a picture with him, so technically they would be "in" the picture with us. Genius!

Cary Elwes

When Noel and I finally got to the front, I handed in the two autograph tickets and then paid for my own autograph. I tried to hand over the selfie tickets but the woman had moved on to something else. I walked up to the next volunteer and held out all that I had--two photos for the Bowmans, my book, plus the two selfie tickets--and pleaded something like "Please tell me what to do next and where to go" because I was so very confused and discombobulated--and starstruck because Cary had come over to the table to sign things. They gave the photos and book to Cary and he smiled at me and started signing. Then he asked me my name and shook my hand, saying it was nice to meet me. I explained to him that the two extra autographs were for my friends who sadly had to leave the line before they made it to the front. He thought that was the nicest thing ever and complimented me. Next I asked him if he would hold the picture of the Bowmans--he said I could do it (a very judicious way of saying "No"). So we took that picture with me holding their picture up, using their friend Noel's phone (Noel didn't care to be in the photo). Afterward Cary asked me if he could hug me for being so nice and I was like WHY ARE YOU SO WONDERFUL?! AND OF COURSE! But then my brain shoved my heart out of the way and was like "HEY. FOCUS. You had TWO selfie tickets and you've only done one photo." So I spoke up and said "Um... I think I get two photos, right?" And the lady back at the beginning of the line went "You were supposed to give those to me!!" WOMAN. I literally showed you ALL FOUR TICKETS in my hand--you took two and then moved on to the next person. How is this MY fault? I remained calm but also stood my ground, because I hadn't yet received what I was entitled to. Cary was quick to diffuse the situation, saying we'd get it all figured out. Also he hadn't signed my book yet and the volunteer/photog pointed it out, so he did that. 

Then the lady said "Ok she has two photos," so Cary and I moved back into position and I gave the volunteer photographer *my* phone for this one. I asked Cary if I could hug him in this one and he said yes. I. Was. On. Cloud. Nine. He thanked me for being patient, I thanked him for coming to Knoxville, and then it was over. My cheeks were aching again but I didn't care cuz I was floating on air.


Oh, that sweet air. It felt AMAZING to be out of that cramped line and have room to walk wherever I wanted. My feet were KILLING me but I was FREE! 

By this time it was almost 5:30 and I decided to see if I could get Richard Dean Anderson's autograph. I figured they'd closed the lines since the floor closed at 6 but I asked anyway, as I didn't see an "End of Line" sign. I walked up to two volunteers at a table and asked if the line had been cut off. I repeated myself, as the woman didn't hear me. Something like "I know it's close to 6 so I thought I'd ask." She snapped at me that the line was closed. "That's what I was ASKING. Thank you," I said and walked away. Don't get short with ME just because YOU can't hear. 🤬

So I have plans to go back tomorrow and get an autograph and picture with Richard, attend his panel, and get a picture with Walter. Cross your fingers! 

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