Thursday, July 9, 2009

Georgia Aquarium

Howdy, all! I hope those of you who celebrated July 4th had a wonderful weekend. Actually, I hope you had a good weekend whether you celebrated or not! :-D

I had a great time at my family reunion in Atlanta. While there I visited the Georgia Aquarium with my dad. I made an album of photos and a couple of videos at Flickr: Georgia Aquarium What's really cool is this: after I tweeted about my visit, the Georgia Aquarium followed me on Twitter. How awesome is that?

Upcoming Blog Posts: A review of The Soloist and some thoughts on teaching violin to elementary-age children.

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  1. Robyn!

    So I didn't realize that my blog guestbook no longer (if ever...) notifies me when someone writes in there - and I just checked it out of the blue tonight and saw that you left an entry last month! So now I know about your new blog :) Hooray! I'll be sure to check it out in greater detail when it's not almost 2am and I have functioning brain cells (i.e. coffee in my system) in the morning.