Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pops Concert!

KSO is hosting Peter Cetera tonight for the last Pops concert of the season. Just got home from rehearsal. I was okay until we got to "Glory of Love" and then I totally started geeking out. Some of you know exactly why that song is special, but for those of you who don't: Karate Kid II.

That was my childhood, y'all!!! I had a
HUGE crush on Ralph Macchio. I don't even remember all the details from the movie (cute guy is wimpy, mean guy fights better, a girl is in the middle, blah blah) but I remember that song. I think it played during the closing credits...?

So in today's rehearsal, when Cetera got to that familiar refrain "I am the man who will fight for your honor..." I was grinning from ear to ear like a complete dork I am.

Speaking of Cetera, his voice isn't quite as nasal as it was in earlier years, which is good. Unfortunately, I think he's a bit of a diva. While the orchestra ran through the charts, he walked around and then hovered over a section while they played, as if he were surveying his kingdom. Seriously, dude--you worry about your part and we'll worry about ours.

In addition to his own tunes, he's also doing some classic Chicago (You're the Inspiration, Hard to Say I'm Sorry, After All that We've Been Through) and some random covers (Lady Madonna, Yesterday, Daydream Believer). Guess who's sitting right in front of the brass and had to ask for a sound shield during Lady Madonna? And it didn't even help because the bandleader asked the brass to STAND when they have the familiar riff. Yippee. I'd better find the souvenir ear plugs I got at Tommy before tonight's show.

All in all it'll be a good evening. The violas actually get some pretty cool licks in a couple of songs and it's a pops show so the audience will be more responsive. Now off to find some dinner, dig up some earplugs, and maybe practice some Mahler.

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