Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I dream of... Seth Meyers and the RNC???

Time to share another weird dream with you, my faithful readers! ;-) This is fresh from my subconscious, as I dreamt it this morning. My dreams often occur in scenes, or at least that's how I remember them. So each paragraph is a scene.

DISCLAIMER: My subconscious sometimes endorses ideas/beliefs with which I and/or other people in my dream don't agree. Also, this is exactly what I remember; any social commentary you read into this is unintentional. I hate politics.

First I remember my friend Matthew sending me an email. Apparently he'd sent me a survey earlier and I hadn't completed it. The survey was hidden within the website of the Republican National Convention. I thought it was a little odd, but I said I'd complete it.

Next I was actually in a meeting of the RNC. We were in a large room with long banquet-style tables arranged into a square around the room. For some reason I think I was sitting at the head table. During the meeting I felt a drop of liquid hit my hand (my hands were in front of me on the table). I looked up and noticed that the ceiling was damp. The dripping was getting faster so we moved a bowl or something to catch the water. Unfortunately the damp spot on the ceiling was growing and starting to sag. Something was about to fall through and I was not staying around to find out what! A bunch of us scurried about trying to gather our belongings and leave before the disaster hit, but some people remained in the meeting as if they refused to acknowledge what was happening.

I remember running to the parking lot with some friends, including Seth Meyers. We were hauling all the stuff I'd managed to take out of the meeting hall. I'm not sure why, but this bundle included a Christmas tree. As we ran around in search of my car, Seth showed me some sheet music. It said "Smallville" across the top and he announced that he was playing Clark Kent in the musical adaptation of the TV show. I would've congratulated him but I was really frustrated that we couldn't find my car. I kept pushing the buttons on my key fob to make the car beep but we still couldn't find it.

So that's my most recent weird dream. It's shorter and not as eventful as others, but I thought I'd share nonetheless. If you haven't read my previous ones, definitely check them out!

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