Thursday, September 17, 2009

Companies "Going Green"

I just saw an ad for an "earth friendly" violin case at Shar Music and it made me think...

When a company decides to overhaul its entire structure in order to help the earth--switching to those fancy light bulbs, cutting down on paper usage and all that jazz--that's pretty cool. It's a huge undertaking and doesn't happen overnight. I say kudos for doing your part, companies.

But what about the companies which decide to offer eco-friendly products and continue to manufacture and sell their regular products as well? Does that seem a little hypocritical? It seems like they're jumping on the bandwagon to make some dough instead of embracing the concept.

I'm not preaching by any means--I do what I can when I can but I'm still wasteful at times (I'm working on it!). I was just thinking--am I being too analytical? What are your feelings on going green in general?

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